iPad Touch Screen Digitizer Testing Procedures

iPad Touch Screen Digitizer Testing Procedures

iPad Touch Screen Digitizer Testing ProceduresDo you know what kind of replacement touch screen digitizer for iPad is qualified one and what are you supposed to do to test it then? Here is the procedure our quality control engineers process with the parts quality inspection of which standard is in line with the industry standard.

Appearance Testing
2No scratches on the touch panel

3No dust spots or dots on the touch screen

4No breakage on the digitizer

5No paint loss on the touchscreen

6No chromatic aberration compared with OEM one

7Grid lines inspection in normal range

8Home button hole alignment – in proper position

9Home button hole measuring – diameter around 10mm

Three Proofings Testing
10The touch screen digitizer should possess the properties of three proofings – waterproof,alcohol proof,n-hexane proof.

Light Transmittance Testing
11We usually do visible light (of which electromagnetic wave wavelength around 550nm) transmittance test to the camera hole and functional area of touch panel.
Normal range for Camera Hole Testing Value should be greater than 90;
While Functional Area should be greater than 88.

Bending Strength Testing
12Bend the whole screen and four corners slightly to the extent that is within proper range,while OEM one is more flexible.

Touch Function Testing
13By moving the app icon in all directions including swiping from edge of screen to test if touch functionality works well.

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