REWA 2017 – Upgrading Electronics Aftermarket Solutions
Feb 17th, 2017

REWA 2017 - Upgrading Electronics Aftermarket Solutions -BannerAccording to the IDC data, vendors shipped a total of 1.47 billion smartphones worldwide in the past 2016. That means consumer electronic devices are in huge increasing amount in the house and on our planet. The electronics aftermarket is a big industrial field, the related products, services and solutions are in wide range. Thus, it is demanding high-level solution providers to offer trustworthy replacement parts supply, guidance, training and more.
Following the industrial trends and demands, REWA, a professional electronics aftermarket solution provider who was founded in 2008 in HongKong and with branch offices in UK and US, is committed to delivering the one-stop sourcing, repair and recycle services for global customers’ ranges including repair shops, regional distributors.
REWA also provide services to industry verticals such as network carriers, education institutions and insurance companies. You are invited to know and always enjoy the high-quality solutions and services from REWA, as below.

Sourcing SolutionREWA sourcing solution
REWA has established strategic partnerships with manufacturers and supply channels to ensure top level quality sourcing parts and sustainable supply.
The provided Sourcing solution covers various of replacement parts supply including LCD screens, iPad glass lens, batteriesrepair tool sets, flex cables, housing covers and more.

Repair Solutionrewa-your-electronics-solution-provider-Repair solution
Regarding increasing demands upon iPhone screen repair,  motherboard repair,
In 2017, REWA provides professional services to chip level motherboards repair, LCD screens repair/refurbish, and offers the trainings to repairmen and repair shops as well.
With REWA Repair solution, you are able to outsource your tough repairs of motherboards and broken screens, and to upgrade your repairing skills in REWA training.

Recycle Solutionrewa-your-electronics-solution-provider- Recycle solution
Besides the LCD Buyback ProgramUsed Phone Distribution is newly involved.
REWA Recycle solution is to help our business and reducing environmental impact by not burying the electronics waste into landfill.

What’s more, the above solutions are offered not only within Apple products, but also to Samsung and other brands.

Accessing and doing real actions in electronics aftermarket, we always hold the belief that there is more business opportunities for you and more we can do to help the planet be a better world.
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  1. Enis says:

    How much cost to remove iphone 6 icloud?and that the Fingerprint Works After removes the icloud?

  2. Segun says:

    Hello please my iPhone 6 plus is not on i tried everything to fix it but not I toke it to some repair shops they can’t do it , I want to ask if REWA can help me fix it .Thank you

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