What Should A Qualified Battery Actually Be? – REWA Battery Testing and Analyzing Project (I)
Nov 16th, 2016

What Should A Qualified Battery Actually Be? - REWA Battery Testing and Analyzing ProjectAs the demand of battery repairing is on the rise, and battery safety performance became global concerned, REWA have implemented a series of tests and analyses towards this hot topic.

Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Battery
For those low quality batteries, it is not durable, or even dangerous. Even if you use a high quality battery, it will inevitably degrade over time and lose some of its charge capacity. How do you know when it’s time to replace your battery? Here are some signs that you have a dying battery.
1. The phone drains fast
2. Phone or battery overheated
3. Cliff-like power drop
4. Battery volume indication error
5. Battery swollen
Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Battery

Causes of Above Mentioned Issues
There are many reasons why the above problems spring up. Here some primary causes are summarized.
1. Battery aging
2. Self-consumption increasing
3. High temperature and power consumption caused by high internal resistance leads to nondurable battery power
4. Battery volume indication error
5. Low quality materials and improper use result in poor battery charge and discharge reverse performance, which finally leads to short battery cycle life
6. Internal chemical reaction caused by high temperature produces gas
7. Unmatched battery and phone leads to the results that the phone cannot turn on or display normally
Causes of Above Mentioned Issues

Harm Effects of Low Quality Battery
Since the battery related accidents frequently happen, the effects of low quality batteries have emerged gradually. Moreover, battery life became one of the biggest pain points for mobile users these days. Will the faulty battery affect the phone performance? Will these batteries explode in the high temperature environment? A step increasing number of people are struggling in these problems.
1. Small capacity, not durable
2. Short battery cycle life leads to a faster charge decay, so that the batteries need to be replaced frequently
3. Battery volume indication error, insufficient discharge, and cliff-like power drop may lead to auto power-off
4. High internal resistance increases the heat and power consumption, thus the increasing temperature bring potential security risks
5. Protection start-up failure caused by poor performance protection board may result in battery damage, smoking, fire, explosion
6. Low quality protection board may cause identification failure, connection failure and power indicator error
7. Protection board temperature measuring error makes the phone unable to have accurate response to the temperature changes, thus damaging the phone
battery draining

REWA Standards
After strict tests both in physical and electrical performance, here are the requirements of a qualified replacement battery for iPhone 6s:
What are the differences between good and bad batteries?

Appearance Clear print, smooth appearance and correct labeled data
Size Thickness:2.9±0.5mm   Width:33±2mm   Length: 96±2mm
Weight 26±2g
Capacity 1715mAh (≥95%)
Voltage 3.8V (≥95%)
Cycle Life After 500 cycle times, the capacity can still reach to 65%
Internal Resistance ≤160mΩ    The smaller the better
Cycle Times Cycles of the new battery should be 0
Protection Board Offer timely protection for the situations of overcharge, over-discharge, overcurrent and short circuit
Accurate battery volume indication No insufficient discharge, cliff-like power drop or power display failure. The battery will not fire or explode in extreme situations

Low quality batteries do have bad effects on your phone, even your health. Treat it carefully when you decide to replace your battery. While cell phone batteries have plenty of suppliers, their performances can be variable. How to choose the high quality batteries? Please stay tuned for detailed phone battery testing procedures and results.

Note: Batteries are classified as hazardous waste. Please do not discard or mix them with other trash. They are suggested to be sent to the appointed reclaim areas.

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  1. Rupinder Singh says:

    how to check that which quality batteries are good or bad ?

    • rewaadmin says:

      It would be better to test it with professional equipment, because it is hard to tell it with naked eyes.

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    Can you provide me CE certificate for EU? I need this certificate for my bussiness in EU. Thank you.

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